Saturday, 16 June 2012

Still not dead!

Still rubbish at updating this, blah blah blah...

The shoot I was supposed to have this morning got postponed, so i've spent the day doodling and generally not being very productive, when I remembered that I maybe should try to update this more regularly. So have some stuff about my recent shoots!


The lovely Serenity Divine was in London for a brief period, so we planned a shoot with the wonderfully talented Mathilda Lansdown and Mary of Manaka Accessories, and were also joined by Denise and her daughter. It was at the start of that mini heatwave sort of thing we had, and I didn't have the sense to bring suncream because hey, its England, its never sunny over here! And as a result I ended up getting fairly burnt. Ah well, the photos turned out well I think so thats got to make the burn worthwhile.

(after our shoot, chillin' in Costa. Photo by Serena) 

(left to right: Denise, Mathilda, Mary, myself, and Serena, photo by Serena)

(Mary & Serena, photos by me)

(Mathilda doing the fab make up, photo by me)

(Team! Photo by me)

(Mathilda doing Serena's make up in the sun, photo by me)

(Our fabulous group! Photo by me)

And the final results! 

Model: Serenity Divine
MUA: Mathilda Lansdown
Plugs: Manaka Accessories 
Headpiece: Myself
Assistant: Denise Martins 

Then I had a sort of modern-renaissance-esque shoot using the beautiful designs of Mariyana Designer, who is in Beijing at the moment and was unable to join us, but sent along her lovely friend Aisha who shot some behind the scenes film images which i'm really excited to see! We were joined by Aemelia Edwards, her boyfriend Lyle who showed us some fantastic locations (which were a bit of a trek but totally worth it), and Becky Lingham. Fantastic team, lovely weather and a great location made for some really good photos from this one I think! 

(Many many clothes and a lovely spot in the sun! Photos by me)

(Our lovely model after shooting, and a close up of one of the pieces, photos by me)

(Another close up of the first piece, photo by me)

(Becky fixing up the hair, photo by me)

Again for the final images...

Model: Aemelia Edwards
MUA & Hair Stylist: Becky Lingham
Clothing Designer: Mariyana Designer
Assistants: Aisha Al Saif & Lyle 

Another shoot from a while back was one loosely inspired by Ophelia from Hamlet, with Emily Granzow and Tabby Casto, using a lovely headpiece created by the exceedingly talented Amore de Mori. Weather was not on our side for this one so it was a brief and cold shoot, it would have been much nicer to have more time and better conditions to shoot some of the more exciting stuff we had in mind, but ah well. 

(We also got chased by these devil birds mid-shoot. Not my idea of fun, photo by me as I ran)


Model: Emily Granzow
MUA: Tabby Casto 
Headpiece: Amore de Mori

I also finally finished my 'Heroes, Villains, and the ones in-between' project for uni that I blogged about a few posts back. It was fun while it lasted, but i'm glad its finally over now! Here are a few photos from the last few shoots I did. 

'The Anti-Hero'
Model: Sam Clarke

'The Femme Fatale'
Model: Marina F 
MUA: Becky Lingham

Among these shoots, I started a project i'd sort-of been planning for a while now with a team of lovely MUA's called 'Boost! Photoshoots' (you can check out our facebook page here), offering confidence-building photoshoots where the client has their make up done and photo taken with particular attention paid to their personal sense of style, interests, and character, creating some images which aim to bring out their true personality and make them feel a little bit better about themselves. I'd done some shoots for this already, which seem to have had some pretty good feedback so far, so fingers crossed that will go somewhere as its something i'd really like to push over the summer, so heres hoping more people take an interest in it! In the meantime, if you want to book a shoot or have any enquiries, please message us on the facebook group or send an email to :) 

Here are some examples of some of the work we've done so far :) 


 Left - Model : Beth Dooner 
Right - Model: Ellie Bibby 
MUA: Yuya

Anyway, thats all for now folks! I've got a few personal shoots as well as some commissions over the next few weeks, so hopefully that should continue to keep me too busy to update this blog :) 

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