Wednesday, 18 January 2012

So about that video shoot.

Check it out over on vimeo here.

Video is nowhere near perfect, but I was having so many issues with it that I just got sick of it in the end and left it at that. I'm still not as happy as I wish I was with the photos, but there you go. Had I had more time and had to rush less, perhaps things would be different. Hey ho, all part of the learning process I guess! 

I've got a portrait shoot with Christel this weekend, then i'm modelling for Maddie, which ultimately was a decision I will probably regret when it comes down to it, but i'm hoping she'll make me look nothing like me so fingers crossed! I'm also in the process of planning a shoot for mid next week so touch wood that will all work out. 

Sunday, 15 January 2012


So my lensbaby finally arrived a few days ago, happiness! I've done two shoots with it and my new camera now, so i've been pretty busy shooting/editing etc.

First of all was a shoot i've been arranging for a while ago now; I originally planned on shooting it around a year ago, but it fell through so now i've finally done it. In all honesty, i'm not totally in love with the photos; it took a long time to get my camera settings to the level I was satisfied with to get what I wanted, we had to work very quickly and quietly, and just in general as fun as it was, I don't feel like I shot it at the level I wanted to, and there was so much that I forgot to shoot because of time constraints. Anyway, heres a little preview, and one of the only really decent images from the shoot:

I'm far more satisfied with the video I shot than the actual photos, neither of which are online yet. I want to hang fire on showing the photos as I feel they work well with the video, but i'm having a few issues with the video glitching so watch this space. 

In slightly more exciting news, I did a shoot with Katie yesterday that went far better, mainly because it was a lot less experimental and I just got to shoot without any major pressure. And who couldn't photograph this lady in an interesting way? Definitely one of the most exciting people i've photographed, and it was fun to have a play with all of my new equipment in normal lighting settings. 

See more on my facebook page here:

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Playing around with video.

Nothing too fancy, just the result of playing around with the video function on my new camera and playing around with iMovie. I'm hoping to play around with video a lot more as an art form in the future, and i'm hoping to use it on a shoot next week too, so expect more to come that will hopefully have more substance than this! 
View it on Vimeo here:

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Christmas & New Year

It's been a good one! I'm now the proud owner of a Canon 600D, Coop 3.0, and although I haven't had the chance to properly shoot with it yet, I took it out yesterday evening to a new years party just to give it a shot. The video is pretty great, and i'm really excited to start shooting in motion as well as just taking photos.

Anywho, here are a few photos I took today whilst messing around with my tripod and remote timer.

And a few from new years! Fire poi is scary but pretty awesome (and difficult) to shoot.

And finally, my costume for new years (because hey, why not end the year with fancy dress?) - excuse the faces, i'm a photographer, not a model :P

Happy new year folks!