Thursday, 3 May 2012

So i'm not dead!

But I am pretty bad at updating this, whoops. Things have been pretty hectic photography wise, and i've been trying to work around this horrible British weather so i'm way behind my personal schedule, but its getting there now that we're having the occasional dry day.

I decided to stick with my 'Heroes, Villains, and the ones in-between' project for my final project of the academic year, so i've done a few more shoots based around that:

Top left: 
'The Action Heroine'
Model: Jasz C Conkie Alternative Model
MUA & Hair stylist: YUYA

Top right: 
'The Dreamer'
Model: Alex Soutar 
Assistants: Ann Charlotte & Heidi 

Bottom images: 
'The Visitor'
Model: Iska
MUA: Anastasija Potjomkina
Latex: Intravenous Clothing 
Assistant: Rebecca Andrews & Tom Siden

Then outside of my uni work, i've still been doing a fair bit (not sure how sensible this is, but ah well) :

Model: Maan 
MUA: Vicky N

Model: estee
MUA: Katie Moore
Taxidermy: Dead Sweet Art (part of the 'Curiosity Cabinet of Mia Jane' collection
Assistants: Camille & Amy


Left: Relion as Harley Quinn (Arkham City) and Right: Camisicado as Male Stocking (Panty & Stocking)


Model & Styling: Anna Swizceniuk 
MUA: Tabby Casto 
Corset: Boom! Boom! Baby 
Headdress: Amore de Mori
Bra: Playful Promises
Assistant: Carl Osbourn
(You can read some lovely blog posts about this shoot here and here)

And some self portraits, because apparently I don't have enough shoots to be doing and I get bored pretty easily. 
I had a shoot on Tuesday and Wednesday, and I have another one tomorrow and then the last one for this project next Tuesday. So busy busy busy! Luckily I managed to get my Photography, Film & Screen essay done a fair few days early so thats one less thing for me to think about and I can concentrate on getting all of this post-processing done in time for me to get it sent off to the printers. Heres hoping it all works out!