Thursday, 28 June 2012

Exciting times!

Lots and lots of really cool shoots in the works, so stay peeled! If you're lucky I may even start regularly updating this blog shoot by shoot, but lets not hold out too much hope for that.

Anyway, last Saturday I did a shoot with a rather large team; models Joely Osben and Rayna Terror, MUA Alice Bizarre, make up artist & hair stylist Yuya, and shooting a latex item by Rubber Monkey Latex. It was also my first proper shoot outdoors with my new flashgun, so although that provided a fair few problems I think the results turned out pretty good. It was much more of an impromptu shoot than i'm used to, due to Alice only being in London briefly, and for that reason was a lot less serious and conceptually driven than what i'm used to shooting, but regardless it was a lot of fun! My team were all lovely and I enjoyed working with all of them.

Photographing Rayna, don't take tips from me by putting lenses in your shorts back pockets. Photo by Joely. 

Alice and Rayna getting ready, photo by me. 

Alice doing make up touch ups on Joely before we started shooting, photo by me. 

And now for the photos! 




Models: Joely Osben and Rayna Terror
MUA: Alice Bizarre
Hair: Yuya 
Latex: Rubber Monkey Latex 
Photography & Post-processing: RavenBlakh Photography

Alice also shot this awesome video of a few of the shoots she did last week, ours included, so go take a look at that too to see more behind the scenes stuff! :) 


Rayna, myself and Joely, and Joely, Yuya and Rayna - go team! Sadly Alice had to leave early :(

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