Friday, 2 December 2011


Hi folks,

I figured I needed a place where i'm more consistent in updating my photography; this used to be deviantart but my love for DA has withered and died over the past few years and I find it a struggle to really keep myself on track there. Flickr has always been a bit of a chore to me, and although I do regularly update my facebook page, theres not an awful lot I can really say on there. So I figured i'd have a fresh start and update my work via a blog (seeing as this is the trendy thing to do these days) so I can talk about my work and the stuff that inspires me as I post it online, to give a little more context to my work. 

So hello world! To those not yet familiar with me and my work, i'm a photography student who has just started a BA in Photography at Kingston University, London, which i'm enjoying quite a lot in all honesty. The degree gives me the freedom to do my own thing, which is exactly what I am after. My photographic work generally focuses on the weird and cinematic; i'm a big fan of David Lynch (Twin Peaks in particular), and i'm much more into film than I am photographers, so most of my inspiration comes from movies, which I guess is a little odd for a photography student, but hey ho. I'm interested in creating work with a narrative, or work that shows character and personality. Fashion doesn't really interest me on its own, although i've been told my work often has a fashion-esque look to it. I'm trying to broaden my work as well as refine it - I want to try new things but at the same time define for myself a more definitive style, because I don't really feel like I quite have that yet. I'm half way to making my work truly 'my own' and I strive to get to that space sooner rather than later. 

Anywho, this is just a brief introduction. I'll start posting some work up here pretty soon (as in, this evening, as i'm procrastinating pretty badly right now) to get the ball rolling a bit. Half of the reason i'm making this blog in the first place is for feedback, so feedback would be very much appreciated when I start uploading properly - cheers! 


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